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New Song!

2010-08-28 04:17:00 by kiwifish

In case you're wondering where I've been, check out my band "The JEM"
Here's me and my sister in Scotland!

New Song!

Capture The Flag Episode 3

2009-07-02 14:51:19 by kiwifish

Watch it here:

Everyone must encourage Aeonstars to make the next one!

: D

2008-09-25 17:43:40 by kiwifish

Listen to my new song to find your Path to Freedom!

16 songs!

2008-09-02 03:58:07 by kiwifish

renamed Silence if Gold to Happy Hurricane.
Aeonstars' idea, as always, lol.

Still 16 songs!

2008-08-31 17:19:21 by kiwifish

I re-submitted Silence is Gold with small improvements!
Got help from Aeonstars.

16 songs!

2008-08-28 16:45:44 by kiwifish

check out Silence is Gold.
I'm going to update it soon with a better second half.

15 songs!

2008-08-28 00:41:15 by kiwifish

I covered Sublime's "What I Got"
i like pesto

14 songs on the portal!

2008-06-24 15:57:24 by kiwifish

Second RaustBlackDragon cover is up: Duel With Destiny.

13 songs on the portal!

2008-06-23 01:01:35 by kiwifish

I submitted a remix of the CTF Theme played by Evelyn Arsenault Cooper, and it will be heard in the next Capture The Flag installment!

12 songs on the portal!

2008-05-22 15:44:23 by kiwifish

I submitted a cover of a RaustBlackDragon song, and also my latest song is up: "The Train's a Comin'"
Stole the name from Aeonstars.