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13 songs on the portal!

2008-06-23 01:01:35 by kiwifish

I submitted a remix of the CTF Theme played by Evelyn Arsenault Cooper, and it will be heard in the next Capture The Flag installment!


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2008-06-23 18:42:35

indeed it will. 13 is an unlucky number though so you better submit another thing FAST.


2008-06-24 00:12:19

I was wondering when you would submit something to NG :D
keep the stuff rolling
what an interesting name
the reason why 13 is suppose to be bad luck is because they were 13 at jesus' last supper and it was friday that jesus died hence friday the 13th
from my viewpoint 13 in age is only cursed then everthing turns upside down
in short: Help! the kamekaze watermelons are attacking!

kiwifish responds:

wow that's really cool about jesus' last supper i didn't know that.
gotta watch out for those watermelons.