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10 songs on the portal!

2008-04-12 16:31:08 by kiwifish

Life's Delicious is just a very simple riff I came up with, and it worked really well with the intro/outro riff I had also come up with.
I hope everyone enjoys and comments!

9 songs on the Portal!

2008-03-26 01:29:29 by kiwifish

Eleven is up. It's actually 7/4 you hear.

8 songs on the portal!

2008-03-19 13:31:10 by kiwifish

Losing Faith is up!

7 songs on the portal!

2008-02-16 20:51:05 by kiwifish

I feel happy. So very happy.

6 songs on the portal!

2008-01-28 20:02:15 by kiwifish

Holiday Spirits is up, a tune I recorded over xmas.
On another topic, I'm reading the book Fight Club, and it's AWESOME!

5 songs on the portal!

2008-01-26 15:55:37 by kiwifish

Well, it's no Climbing the Ladder, but there's a new kiwifish song up.

4 songs on the portal!

2008-01-19 21:05:44 by kiwifish

I've decided to put a "k." in front of my audio portal submissions from now on, because I'm that cool. :P
However, I kept CTF Theme and Climbing The Ladder without them since they are CTF related. Which makes them special.
More to come!

Three songs!

2008-01-01 22:54:25 by kiwifish

Three songs on the portal!
Capture The Flag episode 2 is out! Watch it now!!
I am enjoying submitting my audio works even though they are not the best quality.
If you're reading this and have not seen the Capture The Flag series, please go check it out, you won't be disappointed!
As for the songs, I enjoy reading every new review I get!


- kiwifish

Two songs up!

2008-01-01 04:33:21 by kiwifish

cool, two songs submitted to the audio portal! Both Capture The Flag songs, be sure to check out the series, number 2 due to come out any time!
Soon I will submit new songs!

Climbing The Ladder

2007-12-31 02:46:38 by kiwifish

I`ve just recently posted my first audio submission! Be sure to check it out at /114365 and give me feedback!